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Premium material (metal), Double set, Free setup + 12 months free updates, Branding “M“

The simple and unique design makes SisyFox an eye catcher in your venue.

It consists of four major components: the base with all the tech in it, the wings which hold the ball in place, the ball itself and a screen to display the game in which the magic happens.

One standart SisyFox device includes

- 1x Ball (inflatble version 120 cm)
- 4x Wings with each:
- 3x little rollers (small versions only two (2) little rollers)
- 2x screwable rubber-feets
- 1x metal socket with:
- 1x sensor
- 1x computer with the SisyFox Software
- 3x screwable rubber-feet
- 4x quick release
- 1x metal-cover
- 4x wing bolts
- 1x pump
- 1x HDMI cable (5m)
- 1x Power Strip (5m)

One supplies-bag:
- 1x ball-bearing-ball
- 1x screwable rubber-foot
- 1x quick release
- 1x wing bolt for socket-cover

Right now we have 5 different major-games, all with a set of individual modes, each with unique challenges, multiple levels and in up to 5 different worlds.

All this combined offers an extremely high variety and hundreds of hours fun. Check out our Games-section to lern more:

Our intuitive game selection allows players to pick a game directly with the ball - and in a multiplayer setup, invite a teammate to play together. All this without a second screen and without additional staff.

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